Things To Do In Sydney

Sydney – 10 things you need to know
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Find out what are the best beaches in Sydney, where you can go on a coastal walk you’ll never forget, what is its oldest neighbourhood and more with’s Colm Hanratty.

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25 thoughts on “Things To Do In Sydney”

  1. Awesome video cheers for showcasing my favourite city, which is also MY
    city, Sydney.
    I wish you all could have been here for the 2000 Olympics, that was the
    BEST time this city has EVER had…..and I have been here for all the 37
    years of my life!!

  2. Wow! Sydney -City Very Beautiful …I would like to visit Sydney …I love
    it and thanks guys for sharing the city video ..Stay cool..Thumbs up

  3. #Sydney!! :v 10 things you need to know! Can you add more?
    Sydney – 10 things you need to know

  4. I wouldn’t live there or anywhere in Australia. I’m not into sport or
    drinking and am not patriotic, so I imagine i’d feel totally lost in Oz.

  5. I spent two months in Sydney….best vacation ever. Sydney is tons of
    fun. Most interesting people. If you can’t enjoy Sydney, I feel sorry
    for you.

  6. The diversity of life you can find in Sydney is amazing. It’s a fantastic
    tourist spot and an even better place to live in!

  7. I’ve been to Sydney when I was 2nd years student at high school. I felt
    that the city was close to Japan. People, atmosphere, environment etc. I
    wanna visit there again if I could get an opportunity. I love Sydney.

  8. #1= Racist attacks when they are drunk and stupid. Well, majority of them
    are unwelcoming to other minorities. Visiting and living in Australia is a
    whole different story. 

  9. I moved here 4 years ago and love it. Amazing place with such beauty and an
    amazing coastline. The one thing that let’s it down is the cost of living.
    I have been to both NYC and London which are considered expensive, but
    Sydney takes the cake. You need to earn well to live well here.

  10. this is nice advertisement and very inviting spoken. but audio and vid
    quality are poor, I’d encourage to brush it up a bit.

  11. I am in love with Sydney I really wanna go there. WARNING don’t live in
    London cheap but boring or u can come to newham east London so much fun
    there I guess I can dream for the rest of ma crap life 

  12. Did you know the problem with Westfield shopping centres and Mini malls in
    Australia like for Sydney there’s allot of hate and discrimination towards
    dark skin communities.

    The light skin communities feel threatened by dark skin communities
    shopping in these centres even use whatever strategy like calling security
    guard or staff to falsely accuse anyone with dark skin for stealing at
    their business or causing trouble just so they can make a scene for
    everyone to look at the dark skin person committing the crime even though
    no crime committed that way the dark skin person feel discriminated against
    they don’t want to come back to that mini mall or Westfield shopping centre
    again even that shop to otherwise be harassed by staff ’emoyees and staff’
    also Security and Police. It happens all the time.

    Other dark skin people see that happening to a dark skin person they don’t
    get involved neither object the mistreatment and for light skin people
    around happy that dark skin people are treated that way being discriminated

    Beware to all staying, living, studying, working, visiting in Australia
    it’s a racist country besides religion, race etc. but to all dark skin
    communities Australia is a racist country towards dark coloured people.

    No doubt there are light skin people pretend to be hypocrites saying they
    are not racist neither believe to be racist with the support of traitors
    dark skin regardless community or religion be people tell the world either
    to the media on TV or to the community they have never be discriminated
    against for their skin colour being dark either being paid to say that
    otherwise a liar otherwise never experienced.

    But reality where ever there is a country shared with two different skin
    colours light skin and dark skin there is racism it happens more in
    Australia also other countries to.

    They will call staff, security and police to kick you out if the store or
    shop for shopping there even good courts you would stared at for eating
    disrespected by the employees or employers serving you.

    Does the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abott care and what about everyone
    else in the Parliament House.

    It’s a growing issue in this world and it’s happening in Australia more
    than other countries like England and United States of America this
    mistreatment towards dark skin will not be tolerated protested about for
    better respect for human rights but in Australia the light skin communities
    like Whites, Light skin Christian and catholic Jews, Half castes like
    Islanders and Asians are very much against dark skin people for their

    Wonder why there is no dark skin person in Australian Parliament House
    representing the dark skin communities here in Australia besides Islanders,
    Aborigines and Fiji Indians than other dark skin communities?

    It’s a racist country! Only communities that have light skin have rights in
    society and in court not for anyone with dark skin.

    Unless your rich enough to prosecute these Nazis or extremists in court for
    their racist behaviour you can’t do much but they just say sorry and laugh
    about it feeling god they can do it again or better yet make others behave
    the same way.

    Wonder what dark skin communities around the world think of this?

    What does United States of America Barack Obama think of this?

    Dark skin people are discriminated against for their skin colour being dark
    they aren’t allowed to be in the same place where light skin communities
    hangout even shop at also eat and drink at for their skin colour.

    Is this fair?

    When will this skin colour war end?

    This is the problem with multicultural countries, if you have dark skin you
    have no rights in society and in court with no respect also acceptance from
    anyone with light skin. This is what Western countries like Australia
    coming to. 

  13. I live in Sydney and I have all my life, I understand the teenagers that
    say this looks boring and as if there’s nothing to do, well coming from a
    teenager living in Sydney this video only shows the big tourist parts of
    Sydney and lacks to show the fun sides, like the harbour shopping is
    amazing and always open till midnight or 10pm and the star casino is so
    amazing to go out on a weekend, heaps fun. As well as George street shops,
    on the sides of you walk around there’s cool as shops around. And like the
    cities carnivals like fishers ghost, CAMDEN show, Easter show and more. As
    well as festivals like goodlife, SOUNDWAVE, the v festival and heaps more.
    Living wise they don’t show the small areas like campbelltown, liverpool,
    Harrington park, narellan and so on. The prices for living in the city is
    too expensive, the small areas have heaps of fun things to do and easy to
    travel from small areas to the city, also cheaper. (: 

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